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Are you curious about building a career in the

IT industry and are looking for a place to start? 

The future is inclusive.
The future is digital.
The future is yours.

Why apply ?

As a result of this course these are the career pathways available to you:

  • Systems analyst

  • Support specialist

  • Database administrator

  • IT technician

  • Computer specialist

  • Many more…

By the end of the

course you will :

  • Understand how to build a career in the IT industry

  • Learn how to build practical and technical skills i.e (Security, technical support and coding) 

  • Deep dive into new technologies

  • Develop key leadership skills for you to thrive at work

Our fully-funded scholarship in a nutshell


This online scholarship program is for people who are at the starting point of their journey into the working world. This is for those who want to change careers, or for those who are ready to begin working within the IT industry. We have two tracks designed to accommodate your availability. 

Level Up : 

This is a 10-week fast-track course that will help you to complete the certification in no time.

Step in :

​This is a 2 - 5 month flexible program that empowers you to learn more about the IT sector, and we will help you to identify your career path.

By joining our community of learners, you will have access to: 



The entry-level  Google IT certification course on Coursera





Online masterclasses led by our IT experts



You will be invited to join our weekly masterclasses to guide you through your learning journey. 




Learning support


 Additional support with our instructors, office hours, and community Q&A.




Industry and community events


 Grow your network and be at the forefront of new digital trends.




Placement services



Get connected with employers and build the skills that will enable you to  unlock your next opportunity.




Community study groups


Get connected and learn alongside a community of people who are committed to their learning journey. 




Be the community


 You will also join our global community of learners and alumni who are passionate about transforming the future of tech...!

Am I eligible ?

This program is for young people between the ages of

18 - 35 based in the UK. 

We specifically invite you to apply if you have faced barriers to employment, if you feel discriminated against or if you have faced any financial challenges. 

We are committed to increasing representation within the digital sector by reserving 50% of our scholarships for the Black community. 

If you meet our eligibility criteria we will be in touch and you can get started straight away! 

So wherever you are on your journey, we want to invest in you!